Waste Water Services


AGM Waste Water Services are leaders in
all aspects of waste water pumping systems.
With over forty years of experience, not to
mention state-of-the-art knowledge of new
and emerging technologies, our team has the
expertise to meet even the most difficult of
challenges for our clients.

  • Sewage treatment plants
  • Foul water pump stations
  • Storm water pump stations
  • Grey water pump stations
  • Rainwater harvesting systems

We are able to provide installation, maintenance and repairs for all types of waste water pumping stations, including sewage, grey water (“uncontaminated” water from sinks, showers, bathtubs, dishwashers and washing machines) and heavy volume storm water.

We also install, commission and service rainwater harvesting systems for commercial and domestic use, providing environmentally friendly solutions for such uses as flushing toilets and watering gardens. Rainwater harvesting enables our clients to reduce water bills and beat hosepipe bans by making use of
a free valuable resource.

AGM Waste Water will survey your existing systems free of charge and offer tailored maintenance solutions to help you avoid unforeseen failures and expense. We guarantee a professional, friendly service at competitive rates, all of our planned maintenance contracts include the provision for round-the-clock breakdown cover.

Our Scheduled Maintenance Contracts for Waste Water Installations

Maintenance Contracts

Our clients understand that regular servicing of equipment reduces the likelihood of a serious system failure. Our maintenance contracts can help prevent potential breakdowns and enable repairs to be made efficiently.

We can offer a variety of pre-planned maintenance services to meet the needs and budget of any client.

Standard Visit Contract
  • Removal of pump chamber covers and a thorough check of the internal condition of the pump chamber
  • Removal and inspection of submersible pump, including functional testing and checking for wear on all moveable parts
  • Removal, cleaning and inspection of all control equipment, checking for electrical safety and condition
  • Inspection of all pipework, guide rail systems and valve operation

Extensive electrical checks are carried out to the control panel, taking meter readings to test earth continuity and insulation resistance. Minor faults can be repaired during the service.

Major Visit Contract

For a more thorough solution, we can provide all of the standard contract items, but with the employment of a combination vacuum tanker and jet wash unit. This will ensure the removal of built-up contaminated waste and debris that can adversely impact overall operation.

Emergency Breakdown Cover

All of our maintenance contracts entitle clients to our round-the-clock emergency service at a significantly reduced rate. AGM engineers are equipped to carry out nationwide emergency breakdowns and repairs. You can rest easily knowing that our expert teams are on call 24/7 in the event of an unforeseen situation.

Additional Maintenance Services

  • Closed-circuit television surveys
  • Standalone tankering and jet washing service

We are also able to offer our clients closed-circuit television surveys, mapping out and tracking drainage runs to aid the identification of blockages or an underground pipework collapse. This service includes a full map layout and report.

Additionally, vacuum tankering and jet washing can be used for cleaning pump stations that are clogged with fat, debris and waste. Our high-pressure jets will also clear most pipework, drains and gullies of any obstructions.

Tankering & Pump Blockages

Before & After

Replacement Pumps

Old & new replacement
Old & new replacement