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Water tower holiday home served well by AGM & Aquatech Pressmain

Another unit demonstrating the quality and longevity of AGM’s products and the benefits of regular servicing by AGM. This Aquatech Pressmain HY2ET Water Booster Set is at site in Sandringham, installed in 2003 it serves a water tower, which is now owned and rented out as holiday accommodation by The Landmark Trust.

Heating Basildon & Thurrock University Hospital

AGM Plc’s projects installation team supplied and installed a new sealed system pressurisation unit for the heating system at Basildon & Thurrock University Hospital.

Controlling the expansion and contraction of the 70,000 litres heating system, the new Aquatech Pressmain Spillpress pressurisation Unit keeps the hospital heating system operating at a temperature of 90 degrees centigrade and pressure of 8.0 bar.

Darren Harris from Basildon & Thurrock University Hospital commented.

“Please pass on my gratitude to your installation team for a thoroughly professional and tidy job; I am very pleased with the outcome”.

AGM ensure London Hospital keeps warm

AGM/Aquatech Pressmain ensure patients and staff at London Hospital keep warm this winter.

As everyone is aware our remarkable NHS was 70 last year, AGM/Aquatech Pressmain have been privileged to supply their equipment to our hospitals for 45 of those years. Recently replacing a 14 year old Aquatech 2ET45-C1-E pressurisation unit with it’s modern equivalent the Aquatech Pressmain AP3 pressurisation unit.

The pressurisation unit is installed on the heating services and automatically maintains the correct pressure for the system. As illustrated by the age of the equipment before replacement, Aquatech Pressmain design and build high quality reliable products. Installed, serviced and maintained by AGM Services.

The Facilities Management have the peace of mind of a reliable pressurisation unit and 24/7 call out of AGM Service Engineers should they need them.

Should you require this level of quality and reliability please contact our Sales or Projects Departments on 01206 215100.

A Prestigious Project for Grade II Listed Pioneer Centre – London

AGM/Aquatech Pressmain were asked by specialist management property company Dealmore Commercial to supply a booster set to boost the water to the luxury apartments at the Grade II listed, Pioneer Centre.

The AMV 3 booster set needed to be housed in the swimming pool plant room. So, to meet the requirements of the chlorine atmosphere, Aquatech Pressmain designed and built bespoke components in 316 stainless steel including the manifolds, pump wet ends and control panel.

The Centre was built in 1935 to a design by architect Sir Owen Williams and described by Walter Gropius as “An oasis of glass in a desert of brick.” So, this was an especially interesting and enjoyable project.

Dealmore Commercial have a maintenance contract with AGM so having supplied and installed the bespoke equipment they have peace of mind knowing AGM will also regularly maintain and service it.

If your building needs a bespoke solution, please contact our Sales or Projects Departments on 01206 215100.

AGM Pumpseal install at main London Airport

Utilising their Spillpress, a modular design, able to accommodate multiple vessels of varying sizes, to match the requirements of the system, Aquatech Pressmain built a SpillPress SP2ET sealed spill-back pressurisation unit and three 750 litre spill vessels, reducing the required footprint to fit in the available space and meeting the needs of the heating system in the cargo area at a main London airport.

The pressurisation unit has been designed to maintain a tight control over the pressure in their heating systems regardless of temperature fluctuations and has the advantage over an open format solution of not allowing spilled water to come in contact with the atmosphere.

AGM Services installed the unit replacing an ageing, unreliable and obsolete pressurisation unit.

If you want this level of expertise to help your business, please contact our Sales or Projects Departments on 01206 215100.


AGM keep the taps running at The Salthouse Harbour Hotel

In consideration of the hotel and their guests, AGM built one of their Aquatech Pressmain Brand AMV3 FE enhanced booster sets to match the dimensions of the existing set, in order to minimise the work needed when installing and therefore the length of time the water had to be turned off.  The new set will keep the water running efficiently and guests in comfort, at this award winning Gough Hotel, on the Ipswich waterfront.

Gough Hotels have taken out a maintenance agreement with AGM so the booster set will be regularly serviced and maintained.

If your business could benefit from this level of expertise and considerate service, please contact the AGM Service Team on 01206 215151

Clean drinking water, food and education for children in Uganda

Aquatronic Group Management Service Engineers install equipment to guarantee clean drinking water, food and education for children in remote Uganda.

During their successful trip to install a pump for a well and solar panels at a school last year, our adventurous AGM Service Engineers Melvin and Phil conducted surveys in order to prepare for another two projects next Spring.

At a farm they are hoping to install a small solar well for land irrigation so they can grow maze and in a remote village where most of the children are orphans, they plan to install a solar pump and water storage tanks. Hopefully this will ensure a regular, safe, close water supply and the infrastructure to start another school.

The project to supply these fundamental life needs is co-ordinated by The Beacon Fellowship in Loughborough. Melvin and Phil have been only too happy to give their time and expertise and Aquatronic Group Management Plc are delighted to support them by donating equipment.

Aquatronic Group Management Plc help maintain water services for global bank

AGM were asked by CBRE Managed services Ltd, to provide a reliable and robust solution for the bank’s Head Office in London. They required continuous low temperature hot water for the heating system along with a continuous, chilled water supply to the air conditioning in the server rooms.

To guarantee this level of continuous service, and considering the limitations of the space available in the plant room, AGM used their own Aquatech Pressmain brand of products. Providing a solution of two AP7 pressurisation units, one running, one in duty standby mode for the hot water and another two set up in the same way for the chilled water system. All four units are in use ensuring equal wear, controlled by a changeover panel.

The four units are housed in a bespoke framework designed and manufactured by AGM to fit in the restricted space within the plant room, at the same time ensuring easy access for maintenance.

AGM installed the units and they will be maintained by them under their maintenance contact with 24/7 call out.

If you have a project which needs this level of service and would like AGM to help, please contact the project department on 01206 215176.

AGM Engineers make easy access to water possible in Ugandan School

We take clean running water for granted but in Uganda this is a luxury. Phil and Melvin Cotton, two experienced AGM service engineers undertook the 22 hour journey to The Alpha and Omega School in Entebbe Uganda and used their skills and AGM equipment to make life better for 350 children.

During their four day stay they fitted solar panels to the school roof to power the solar pump, donated to AGM which they fitted to an 11 meter deep well in the school grounds. This means the children no longer have to undertake the dangerous walk to springs or miss lessons to get water.

Melvin and Phil were also able to transform one young man’s fortunes by buying him a pig and were obviously taken by the positive attitude of the people who’s daily lives are dominated by the need to find food and water.

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Office building in London SW1

Background : The heating, chilled and condense systems were all fitted with Warmac spill type units approx. 20 years old. Whilst the units had been very reliable in operation, due to their age and lack of BMS compatibility we were contacted in order to quote for modern replacement units.

Solution : We specified 3 custom built Aquatech Pressmain SB5 pressurisation units for the 3 systems. To reduce the cost to the customer 2 of the units were specified with GRP spill tanks. The units were designed specifically to fit into the available space on site and to minimise the alterations required to the connecting pipework. The units were installed over 2 weekends to minimise the disruption to the end user.