Warning – clench ring expansion vessel failures

One bar of force fractures finger.

Pressure vessels should be regularly examined whatever their size.

Even though there was only one bar of force, that was enough to fracture the finger of an AGM Service Engineer when the clench ring on an 8 litre pressure vessel failed.

The clench ring is designed to hold two halves of a vessel together so if it fails the vessel breaks.

The story – During the service of a Pressurisation Unit the air charge of the 8 litre vessel was checked. A pressure gauge was applied to the air valve and as it was pushed down the clench ring moved which is unusual so the pressure gauge was removed and in the process the clench ring popped and the top of the vessel flew upwards.

Incidents like this are exceedingly rare but it is a reminder that had this been a larger vessel the consequences may have been more serious.

This is a good demonstration of why pressure vessel inspections are vital for safety, no matter what size the vessel. Our sister company ESIS can carry out these inspections for you. See ESIS website.